Laura Damone

Laura Damone

Petaluma, CA

Stanford, Virginia Tech
LSAT Score

Since 2007, Laura’s life has been about helping students conquer the LSAT. She began her career teaching at universities around the country, first at UVA and Georgetown, then Cornell, UCLA, USC, and finally Stanford. Four years in, she made the switch to teaching online and since 2011, she’s been at the forefront of digital LSAT prep development. She led the LSAT Curriculum team at Manhattan Prep from 2018 until 2021 and was a primary architect and managing editor of the 5 Lb. Book of LSAT Practice Drills. What started out as a gap-year gig turned into a full-time career. Why? Because the work is just that satisfying. Close reading, critical thinking, and mental fortitude are Laura’s passions, and the LSAT is the perfect vehicle for teaching students to achieve on those fronts. Laura’s classes empower students to read more critically, reason more logically, work more efficiently, and think calmly under pressure. When not teaching, tutoring, or writing about the LSAT, you can find Laura in the freezing pacific ocean, dangling off a rockface, or road tripping through the American West with her son, talking about baseball and blasting the Grateful Dead.

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