Matt Sherman

Matt Sherman

San Diego, CA

University of Washington
LSAT Score

Matt has been teaching the LSAT for nearly 20 years. Some have called him “the LSAT encyclopedia” for his ability to recall (and often recite) nearly every LSAT question ever written. He started teaching in classrooms on universities across the United States. As students migrated to online classrooms so did his teaching. Now he teaches 3 nights every week at LSAT Lab. Matt believes that teaching is more than mere demonstration and puts students in the driver’s seat when working through questions in class. Beyond the classroom, Matt spends nearly every waking minute designing LSAT Lab. As former head of LSAT Academics at Manhattan Prep he has led curriculum projects that include: online communities, publishing, in-class curriculum, analytics, and instructor training. Matt is working to build the future of personalized digital learning environments and sees that future quickly approaching.

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