Misti Duvall

Misti Duvall

New York, NY

Columbia Law School, City College of New York, University of Tennessee
LSAT Score

Misti has been teaching and tutoring the LSAT since 2016. After ten years practicing environmental law, she decided it was time for something new, went back to grad school, and rediscovered her love of the LSAT. She likes to relax by cracking open a PT and running through a games section, and does her best to convince every student that logic games are secretly the easiest part of the test. She was part of the LSAT curriculum and instructor training teams at Manhattan Prep, where she helped write and/or edit the 5 lb. Book of LSAT Practice Drills and LSAT Logic Games: Sixth Edition. When she's not immersed in LSAT logic, Misti teaches legal writing, writes fiction, and continues her quest to fill every square inch of her apartment with books. She's getting there.

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